An illustration of a neural network Knowledge in Artificial Intelligence

Neural Network Illustration

An illustration of a neural network


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a domain where the concept of knowledge takes on new dimensions. AI algorithms not only utilize existing human knowledge but also generate new insights through data analysis and pattern recognition. For a broader context, you may want to visit What is Knowledge? or the Overview of What There is to Know.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subfield of AI focused on training models to perform tasks without being explicitly programmed. To dive deeper, visit Machine Learning and Knowledge.

Machine Learning Model Training

Machine Learning Model Training

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is concerned with enabling machines to understand, interpret, and produce human language. For more on how this contributes to knowledge, see Natural Language Processing and Knowledge.

Expert Systems

Expert systems emulate the decision-making abilities of a human expert in a particular domain. Understand more about their role in AI knowledge at Expert Systems and Knowledge.

Expert System Flowchart

A flowchart representing an expert system's decision-making process


Robotic systems often incorporate AI to adapt to new environments and tasks. Discover how robotics contributes to AI knowledge in Robotics and AI Knowledge.

Ethics in AI

AI raises a host of ethical considerations, including issues related to data privacy, fairness, and accountability. Learn more at Ethical Considerations in AI Knowledge.

Ethics in AI

A scale balancing a robot and a human, symbolizing ethical considerations

Data Quality and Bias

The quality and diversity of data used in AI systems directly affect the knowledge they can generate. Explore the implications at Data Quality and Bias in AI.

Future of AI

The future holds potential for AI to greatly expand the frontiers of human knowledge, but there are also challenges and limitations to consider. For more, visit The Future of AI and Knowledge.


The realm of AI introduces new paradigms for understanding what knowledge is and how it can be created, disseminated, and applied. The field is both a consumer and generator of knowledge, shaping and being shaped by human understanding. For further exploration, please revisit What is Knowledge? or the Overview of What There is to Know.

Human-AI Interaction

A person interacting with an advanced AI interface