Engineers and scientists working on various technological applications Overview of Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences in Action

Engineers and scientists working on various technological applications


Applied Sciences involve the practical application of scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems. They intersect with both Pure Sciences and Engineering, focusing on innovation and solution-oriented research.



Engineering applies scientific principles to design, develop, and maintain systems, structures, and products. It includes branches like civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Robotics Engineering

An engineer working on a robotics project

Medical Sciences

Medical Sciences aim to understand and treat diseases in humans. This area encompasses fields like medicine, pharmacy, and nursing.

Computer Science

Computer Science explores computational methods and algorithms. It often intersects with Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science studies the interaction between humans and the environment. It combines elements of biology, chemistry, and earth sciences to address ecological challenges.


Neuroscience focuses on the nervous system and the brain. It often overlaps with Psychology and Biology.

Brain Imaging in Neuroscience

A brain scan revealing neural activity


Applied sciences often employ a multidisciplinary approach, integrating techniques from pure sciences and engineering to create innovative solutions.

Practical Applications

The contributions of applied sciences can be seen in almost every industry, from healthcare and construction to information technology.

Ethical Considerations

Applied sciences frequently encounter ethical dilemmas, especially when human or environmental well-being is involved. For more, see Science and Ethics.

With advancements in technology, the applied sciences continue to evolve rapidly, promising more groundbreaking innovations.


Applied sciences have a profound impact on our daily lives by translating theoretical concepts into practical solutions. For a more detailed look into related fields, see Engineering and Technology. For a broader perspective, you can revisit the Overview of Science or the main Encyclopedia Overview.