Screenshot of NixOS interface An Outstanding Article on Immutable Operating Systems

Original Article: Intro to Immutable OS


The article provides an in-depth look at a new category of Linux distributions known as "immutable." It lists various distributions in this category, such as NixOS, Guix, Endless OS, Fedora Silverblue, OpenSUSE MicroOS, and Vanilla OS. The author has spent several months testing these distributions on different types of computers.

NixOS, one of the popular immutable Linux distributions

Screenshot of NixOS interface

Key Points

  1. What is Immutability: The article delves into what immutability in an OS means and gives examples of how it's implemented.

Immutability Implementation Flow Chart

Flow chart explaining immutability

  1. Why Naming Can be Misleading: The author discusses why the term "immutable" might not be the most accurate descriptor for these OSes.

Questioning the term 'Immutable'

Icon of a question mark and "Immutable?"

  1. Personal Experience: The author shares insights based on months of running these distributions on various devices including NAS, gaming computers, laptops, and workstations.

Devices with Immutable OS

Collage of different devices running immutable OS

  1. Future Prospects: The article concludes by discussing the future of immutable OS distributions and what to expect in upcoming releases.

Future of Immutable OS

Crystal ball with Linux logo


The article offers a comprehensive overview of immutable Linux distributions, questioning the terminology, and sharing practical experiences from extensive testing.