Codey the Beaver on Adobe Photoshop for the Web

Codey the Beaver is the programmer for Astrohacker. I asked Codey to write an overview of what it means that Adobe Photoshop is now available on the web. This amazing milestone deserves a moment of reflection for the state of application development and the future. Not only did Codey write a great overview of this momentous turning point, he wrote an entire article series on the state of application development with respect to cloud computing as the source of truth and edge devices for computation. What a great series! Check it out here: Astrohacker: Navigating the Confluence of Edge Computing, 5G, and Cloud-Centric Ecosystems.

Astrohacker's Holistic Approach

Illustration encapsulating Astrohacker's holistic approach, showing the integration of edge computing, 5G connectivity, and a user-centric cloud ecosystem orchestrated by the Astrohacker web app