Praying Mantis: Photo vs. AI

Praying Mantis Photo

A photo of praying mantis that spent a few days defending my balcony from pests.

The above photo is a praying mantis who hung out on my balcony for a few days in New Braunfels, TX.

My photo is not that great, but I wonder what would happen if I reinterpreted this photo with DALL-E 3 and Midjourney?

DALL-E 3 provided a very accurate and realistic description of the photo and was then able to re-draw the photo in a realistic way, albeit not 100% accurate. Attached is the best rendition.

DALL-E 3 Reinterpratation

A DALL-3 reinterpration of the praying mantis photo.

The DALL-E 3 description is:

The image showcases a part of a window frame that appears to be white in color. The window has a meshed screen attached to it, possibly serving as a protective or insect barrier. On this screen, there is a small green insect, which looks like a praying mantis, clinging to it. The mantis is oriented in a way that its head is facing downward. Adjacent to the window frame, there's a rough-textured wall, which is lightly colored, perhaps off-white or light gray. The image seems to be taken from the exterior of a building, as a hint of the outdoor sky and surroundings can be seen reflected in the window pane. The photograph is taken in a close-up manner, capturing details of the window, the insect, and the adjacent wall.

Midjourney provided a set of completely different descriptions including references to artists and artistic styles. Attached is the best image that didn't also include any obvious mutations of the praying mantis (most renditions had the wrong number of legs).

Midjourney Reinterpration

A Midjourney reinterpration of the praying mantis photo.

The Midjourney description is:

a praying mantis is on a window, in the style of forced perspective, found object, found footage, cut/ripped, white and green, ue5, photo-realistic hyperbole --ar 3:4 --v 5.1

The description from DALL-E 3 is clearly more accurate than Midjourney. I wonder what would happen if I used the DALL-E 3 description to generate a Midjourney photo?

Midjourney Image from DALL-E 3 Description

A Midjourney image generated from the DALL-E 3 description of the original photo.

Conclusion: This was impossible two years ago. The amount of progress for AI image descriptions and reproduction is staggering. However, there is still room to grow. At this rate, within another two years, it seems likely we will have image descriptions and reproductions so accurate that any inaccuracies will escape detection by human perception. In the meantime, DALL-E 3 is best for accuracy, and Midjourney is best for whimsical artistry.