Embers of Creation

Artisan's Solitude

A lone artisan, amidst a quiet workshop, hands delicately crafting a whimsical object, unfazed by the world beyond. The room is filled with odd creations, each telling a different tale.

In a world that thrives on validation,
Where creation seeks a standing ovation,
Lies a thought, a whisper amidst the din,
Of making not for others, but a journey from within.

A product, not of necessity, but a soul's fervent call,
An endeavor not for applause, but to stand tall.
Not in market shares or numbers on a chart,
But in the silent beats of a creator's heart.

It's a dive into the depths of one's own intrigue,
A ride on whims that courageously besiege,
The norms, the expectations, the cycle of demand,
To birth something unique from one's own hand.

"Not for the masses" it proudly declares,
"But a part of me, and freely it shares,
The essence of who I am, my inner mold,
Not a tale of the usual, but boldly told."

A narrative not driven by a faceless crowd,
But a story through one's own heartbeat avowed.
It’s not a path laden with accolades or cheer,
But a solitary one, distinct and clear.

Why tether the spirit to the whims of the many?
Why seek the masses’ pennies, not a personal penny?
Let the heart lead the way to realms unknown,
Where seeds of authentic creation are sown.

This is where resonance finds its root,
In the unadulterated expression, lies the absolute.
A creation borne of a singular mind,
Can touch the chords that universality bind.

Yet it starts from a point of self-embrace,
An acceptance that validation won't always grace.
The product that blooms from this fertile ground,
Carries a magic, in authenticity found.

It's more than a product, it's a reflection,
Of a mind unbound by common affection.
A courageous venture into the self's deep sea,
An ode to the heart, wild and free.

So let's create not for acclaim or renown,
But a personal saga, in passion drown.
And in this brave new world, our products will be,
Mirrors to our souls, boundless and free.

Inscribed by these verses is a thought profound,
A notion from a narrative that's rarely found.
A venture of heart, with authenticity rife,
A quiet rebellion, a less traversed life.